N. Sreenivasan, SC

Sreeni's father was an interpreter in the High Court and at the Police Courts. Growing up on legal anecdotes, his unrelentless and aggressive nature to steadfastly stand for what he believes in, instilled in him a passion for the law. His overriding commitment is to his client's cause, subject only to the advocates overriding duty to the court. His advocacy and standing as a litigator has admitted him to the ranks of Senior Counsel at the Supreme Court of Singapore. Sreeni loves doing cases involving technical and accounting matters and expert evidence, where court craft can be enjoyed at its best. Sreeni is a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Sreeni has given expert evidence on Singapore law in overseas jurisdictions.

A doting (but somewhat absent) father of four children, Sreeni is constantly kept on his toes and cheekily reveals that he will have to deal with teenage children until he is 66, and must stay young!

Straits Law, to him, is an ideal. A place where law can be practised ethically and enjoyed. It is a firm that has inculcated a collegiate atmosphere with a 'ready to dig in and take the bull by the horns' attitude.

N Sreenivasan, SC can be contacted at 67130 234 / sreeni@straitslaw.com.sg


Practice Group

Most Significant Legal Cases to Date

Als Memasa & another v UBS AG [2012] SGCA 43, was a matter that arose from complex financial private banking transactions. Sreeni acted for the claimants, who were elderly, English illiterate Indonesian private banking customers. The bank struck out the claim before the Assistant Registrar and the Judge in chambers, but our clients’ claim was successfully restored in the Court of Appeal.   

In Lian Hwee Choo Phebe and another v Maxz Universal Development Group Pte Ltd and others and another suit [2010] SGHC 268, Sreeni was instructed as counsel and worked with two other law firms. The case involved a shareholders’ dispute, minority shareholder oppression and dilution of shares. A hard fought win at trial against multiple defendants represented by various firms was secured, and affirmed, against formidable opposition, before the Court of Appeal. 

Criminal Case involving a Lawyer friend "I was involved in a criminal case involving a lawyer friend, facing a serious charge. This was personally significant as I did some of the best cross-examination of my life. My client was acquitted in the end, and I actually cried in court."

Man B&W Diesel S E Asia Pte and Another v PT Bumi International Tankers and Another Appeal [2004] 2 SLR 300, Having lost the trial, we look the legal issues to Appeal. The matter, involved a chain of contracts pertaining to the supply of Marine engines with exclusions and limitations, the key issue revolved around how these clauses limited the duty of care owed by parties. We were successful and the appeal went our way.

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